Common causes of motorcycle accidents

Considering the most dangerous hobbies and sports is motorcycle riding. Because of the potential roadblocks and obstacles involved with motorcycles, it is easily one of the most common vehicle fatalities today.  Several hazards exist but some are more risky than others. The following are considered the most common reasons for why accidents happen and what you can do to avoid them.


image courtesy of Bottle Rocket


Cornering its unavoidable Bikers Love the countryside but they love the thrill of the winding roads the most. The most common accident occurs when the motorcycle driver overestimates the sharpness of the turn and doesn’t realize it until it’s too late. Most of the time you are given signs well ahead of time before approaching the corner itself .Signs such as those used to indicate the sharpness or even the recommended MPG while taking the corner, are often posted several feet before the corner itself is exposed so why is it but most accidents to happen on this winding corners?  Perhaps it’s the thrill involved.


Uneven road surfaces

Road surface is an important consideration when riding a motorcycle. Oftentimes it’s not till it’s too late, that we realize the road wasn’t as flat as we thought it was. Uneven surfaces account for a majority of the motorcycling accidents today.   By paying attention to the road surfaces, many accidents can be avoided. Although it’s less common to ride the motorcycle during the winter it’s still possible. Snow covers most potholes making them impossible to see.


By taking into consideration the possibility that the road isn’t as flat as it appears we can avoid most accidents. However we should also get into the habit of checking the air pressure in my tires but it’s not just the air you want to consider; tire tread and the quality of the tribes be considered as well.


If you never rows of particular road before, consider taking it easy and tell the road is more familiar to you and you’re aware of all this possible dangers.